Dr. Gary R. Gruber: The Nation’s Leading Expert on SAT/ACT Test Preparation

Helping More Than 7 Million Students

What Dr. Gruber is giving the student is an increase in intelligence… Gruber offers students preparation in test-taking strategies designed to save time in the testing room by zeroing in on a fast, logical way to answer a problem….Get what you’ve missed out of four years of high school.
– Valerie Sullivan, United Press International

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SAT/ACT strategies customized and designed to help raise SAT/ACT scores and improve test-taking abilities.

An example of how we work with students to help get them within the top 5% nationally of all SAT/ACT exam-takers.

The Gruber SAT/ACT lesson grids are the quickest way for students to prepare for the SAT/ACT exams.

An example root word vocabulary video to acquaint students with some of the most frequented ACT/SAT vocabulary words.