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Welcome to the Gruber SAT Math Refresher!

There are many SAT exam takers whose math background is not quite up to par—probably because their basic math skills are rusty or because they never did well in their math classes. For these math-troubled students, this Math Refresher section will be like “manna from heaven.” The study guides that follow constitute a complete basic math course that will help students greatly in preparing for the math part of the SAT.

Note:  Many of the examples or methods below can be done with a calculator, yet it is wise for students to know how to solve problems without a calculator.

This Math Refresher offers the following:

1. A systematic review of every math area covered by the questions in the math part of the SAT.

2. Short review tests to check whether the student has grasped the math principles he or she has just studied.

The review tests will also provide students with valuable reinforcement so they will remember how to go about solving math problems they would otherwise have difficulty with on the actual SAT.


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