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Welcome to the SAT Full Practice Test 2!

This SAT test is very much like the actual SAT. It follows the genuine SAT very closely. Taking this test is like taking the actual SAT.

The following is the purpose of taking this test:

  1. To find out what you are weak in and what you are strong in.
  2. To know where to concentrate your efforts in order to be fully prepared for the actual test.

Taking this test will prove to be a very valuable TIMESAVER for you. Why waste time studying what you already know? Spend your time profitably by studying what you don’t know. That is what this test will tell you.

In this book, we do not waste precious pages. We get right down to the business of helping to increase your SAT scores.

Other SAT preparation books place their emphasis on drill, drill, drill. We do not believe that drill work is of primary importance in preparing for the SAT exam. Drill work has its place. In fact, this book contains  a great variety of drill material—featuring SAT-type questions (Reading, Math, and Writing), practically all of which have explanatory answers also keyed to basic skills and strategies.

However, our drill work is coordinated with learning critical-thinking skills. These skills will help you to think clearly and critically so that you will be able to answer many more SAT questions correctly.

Ready? Start taking the test. It’s just like the real thing.