How Do I Enroll To The Gruber Institute?

Click on the ‘Enroll Now‘ button at the top right of the site navigation bar.

How Much Is The Cost of Enrollment?

Please refer to our ‘Enroll Now‘ page for further instruction on the curriculum cost, as well as our ‘Private Tutoring‘ tab for those seeking more personalized SAT/ACT course study options.

On Average, How Much Will The SAT/ACT Tests Found Here Help Students Prepare?

It has been said that no one in the nation is better at assessing the thinking patterns of “how” a student answers to test questions than Dr. Gruber, and thus, he provides the mechanism to improve upon faulty thinking approaches.

His SAT score improvements with students have been documented to be the highest in the nation… (read more)

How Do I Access The Material and Begin Taking The SAT or ACT Course?

After enrolling and/or logging into the site, click on ‘Strategies’, ‘Learning Exercises’, or ‘Tests’ along the top of the site navigation bar to begin taking SAT or ACT practice exams and testing strategies.

Can You Retake a Test?  How Many Times?

Yes, you are able to retake any test as many times as you need.

How Long Will It Take To Complete a Strategy or Test?

Not every test has a time limit, though particular ones do.  If the test you are taking has a time limit, this will be shown on the testing page before you begin.

Can I Come Back To a Test After It Has Already Been Submitted?

Yes, the student may return to a test after it has already been submitted, however, only to review submitted answers. Answers cannot be changed once they are submitted.

What Happens If You Don’t Finish a Test On Time?

If the time limit runs out while taking a test, you will be redirected to the ‘Review’ page. From here, you are able to restart the test from the beginning to retry finishing within the time limit. If you are unable to complete the test on time you may return later to pick up the test where you left off in order to complete it.

How Do I Know How Much Time I Have Left When Taking a Test?

When taking a practice test, there will be a time counter which indicates ‘time left’. Keep an eye on this counter when taking the test to know how much time is left.

Am I Allowed To Use a Calculator On The Math Exams?

Yes and no. There are certain math tests that allow the use of a calculator, while other math tests do not allow calculator use, or request the student refrain from doing so. Depending on the math test being taken, there will be a prompt at the beginning to let the student know whether a calculator should or should not be used.

What Should I Do If I Don’t Know The Answer To a Question?

If you are unsure of an answer to a question when taking a test, you have the option of skipping the question and coming back to answer it later. This may be wise when taking a time-limited test. However, remember to come back to input an answer to any skipped questions before finishing and submitting your test when done.

How Exactly Will The Strategies and Practice Tests Help Me Prepare For The SAT/ACT?

Through partaking of the Gruber Institute material and course study guides, students will be better prepared for taking their SAT or ACT test, via improved test-taking knowledge, study skills, and heightened confidence.

What Do I Do If I Have any Technical Issues?

If there are any technical issues that need to be brought to our attention, please let us know via the Contact page.

How Am I Able To Contribute a Testimonial?

Send your testimonial and/or review of Gruber Institute materials and user experience, along with name and email to our Support Desk by clicking here.