“The work that Gary Gruber does should be given to every student and every teacher.”
– Dr. Shirley Thornton, Former Deputy Superintendent, California State Department of Education

“What distinguishes this SAT review program from the others on the market is the emphasis on thinking rather than drill.”
– ENGLISH JOURNAL, Official magazine of the National Council of Teachers of English

“His methods make the questions seem amazingly simple to solve.”
– Library Journal

“I hope Dr. Gruber’s work reaches many more students. I know that they will find his suggestions priceless.”

“I was able to solve questions three to five times faster with the Gruber methods. As soon as I learned a strategy, it clicked and I was just tickled that somebody finally exposed the code to efficient thinking.”
– Dr. Larry Weitz, Psychologist,WLAC Radio, Nashville, Tennessee

“Gruber offers students preparation in test-taking strategies designed to save time in the testing room by zeroing in on a fast, logical way to answer a problem….Get what you’ve missed out of four years of high school.”
– Valerie Sullivan,United Press International

“I only wish I had this program when I took the SAT.”
– Los Angeles Times

“Students learn shortcuts: how to zero in on the core of a question…Those who follow Gruber’s approach are guaranteed a positive experience, one which can add substantially to both lifetime success and satisfaction.”
– San Mateo Times Newspaper Group Syndicated

“Dr. Gruber has created a unique program…the student develops confidence, comfortability, and security. He/she is made aware of the correct thinking approach to answer questions with the greatest accuracy and with the least amount of panic.”
– Dr. Virgil Hollis, Superintendent of Schools, Marin County, CA

“The Gruber program contains strategies to help students improve and refine their basic thinking and reasoning skills. Dr. Gruber’s methods emphasize skills and strategies which lead to correct answers rather than reliance on rote memorization.”
– Dana McDougald, School Library Journal

“I have tried Kaplan, Princeton Review, Arco and Barrons, and Gruber is the best one yet. Even though it has strategies, they aren’t things like “if a question is like this, pick C” kind of things—instead, they’re the sure way to get answers right. That’s more important, I feel–learning to get answers right the intellectual way, rather than using gimmicks and tricks like the Kaplan and Princeton Review folks teach you. Tons of practice, refreshing, everything you need. Everything is great.”
– Pranay Uppuluri, New Jersey, Amazon.com Review

“Your Vocabulary treatment is outstanding!”
– Mary McGuinness, Curriculum Specialist(English), Temple High School, Temple City CA

“Top rating for the program in the areas of readability, vocabulary, critical thinking skills, and practice tests – with a special star for the explanatory answers.”
– Paulette Dewey, English Dept.Chairperson, Robert S. Rogers High School, Toledo, Ohio

“Thanks alot for all you did for Kenny in such a short period of time.”
– Larry & Jackie Slayen, San Anselmo,CA

“The Practice Test questions are very close to the actual exam situations. The explanatory answers are concise and easy to follow.”
– Terry Lawler, English Dept. Co-chairman, Tremper High School, Kenosha, WI