Dr. Gary R. Gruber: The Nation’s Leading Expert on Standardized Testing
More than 7 Million Gruber Books Sold!

“The Gruber Institute is dedicated to improving critical thinking and creative problem solving skills by inspiring people around the world with Dr. Gruber’s strategies. The Gruber Institute presents Dr. Gruber’s first online course for helping students accomplish SAT and ACT exam goals.

Dr. Gruber is recognized as the leading expert on standardized tests. His results have been lauded throughout the country. His personal presentation spreads contagious enthusiasm with his audiences.”>
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service)

Dr. Gary R. Gruber, Ph.D. is an American educator, author, and theoretical physicist who has written many books and software programs for standardized test preparation.  He is recognized nationally as the leading expert on standardized tests, and the originator and developer of critical thinking skills that are imperative for succeeding on these tests.  It has been said that no one in the nation is better at assessing the thinking patterns of “how” a student answers test questions than Dr. Gruber, and thus, he provides the mechanism to improve upon faulty thinking approaches.

His SAT score improvements with students have been documented to be the highest in the nation.  Dr. Gruber’s unique methods have been used by the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), Sylvan Learning Centers, and Grolier’s Encyclopedia. His methods are also being used by school districts throughout the country and in homes and workplaces across the nation.  In addition, a host of other entities use his methods – for example, teachers at the University of California trained to create programs for specific critical thinking and problem solving skills in programs aimed at improving education for minority school children.

Gary R. Gruber earned a Ph.D. in astrophysics at a very young age.  He was recognized by the Washington Post as one of the world’s super geniuses with an IQ over 160.  Dr. Gruber has sold over seven million copies of his test taking strategy books designed for the SAT and ACT exams.

Dr. Gruber is a nationally recognized celebrity with a following of over ten million people in the USA alone.  For over 30 years he has remained the number one author of SAT/ACT prep books.  He is a well-known figure to major news organizations in the country, and has helped countless students achieve their highest academic goals, encouraging SAT/ACT test-takers to strive toward their dream careers with unparalleled ambition and courage for the future.

Here are a few other highlights…

  • Dr. Gruber’s students have the highest documented SAT scores reported by a school district.  PBS, the Public Broadcasting Service, has sold Dr. Gruber’s SAT strategies program to over 1500 school districts throughout the USA.
  • ETS and The College Board (the owner of the SAT) have sought Dr. Gary Gruber’s advice when designing their College and Graduate entrance exams.
  • Dr. Gruber has had the opportunity to work for National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA), and was awarded a National Science Foundation Grant for the development of interdisciplinary approaches and methods in the sciences and arts.
  • Dr. Gruber’s work on critical thinking has been featured in more than 3,000 syndicated newspapers and magazines.  He continues to appear on live talk shows, has given over four thousand interviews to date, and currently receives requests every month to be interviewed about test taking strategies from all media outlets.
  • Dr. Gruber’s brain-teasers have entertained readers for more than 20 years, and he receives thousands of fan emails to this very day.  Parents have flown their children in from all over the USA for the opportunity to be mentored by Dr. Gruber.